Lesson from a Pile of Rocks

It’s surprising what a pile of rocks can teach you.

I was dusting my office the other day and discovered several bags of beach rocks I’d collected, but hadn’t yet incorporated into a display I have in my office.

The display is for my favorite rocks. (don’t laugh at me – I LOVE collecting rocks)

As I added to my display, I started to run out of space and realized I was going to have to trade out some of the old rocks to make room for the new (better, more beautiful) ones. Which got me thinking…

The same thing happens in business. In the early years, you start “collecting” opportunities, systems and strategies, and they are great at the moment. But as time goes on, you find better opportunities.

And things start to get crowded.

So you find yourself having to either cram everything in, OR make some tough decisions to leave behind things that early on were perfect, but now… just aren’t good enough.

Do you really have to leave things behind?

Yes. Absolutely.

Because they’re crowding out new and better opportunities.

I’m wondering – as you read this, did anything pop into your mind? Maybe a decision you’ve been wrestling with about leaving something behind?

Mary Cravets

Founder Mary Cravets started Simply Get Clients because she saw small business owners complicating growing their businesses. Or falling victim to the "build it and they will come" myth. So she developed the simple structure to cut through all the noise of social media, "experts", online funnels, advertising and more to focus on the central problem of business owners: getting more clients. And you know what? There is NOT a one-size-fits-all solution.

Reader Interactions


  1. Kenneth Pinto says

    Remember Stephen Covey and the big rocks in your life story. The blending of both stories makes a lot of sense

    • Mary Cravets says

      Oh I’d forgotten about the big rocks story… that had a huge impact on me when I heard it for the first time. Thanks for the reminder of that!

  2. Tyler Skinner says

    I absolutely love this! When we shed or de-clutter, there is space for new people, projects and plans to take shape and support us in the next chapter.

    • Mary Cravets says

      I remember watching What Not to Wear, and a woman was clinging to an old grubby sweatshirt. Stacey made the comment, “you can’t get something better when your hands are full of that.” I love it when fashion advice applies more broadly to business and life!

  3. Anna says

    I would never make fun of you for collecting rocks. Rocks are awesome and beautiful. My kids and I look for painted rocks and occasionally leave some ones we painted in random places. You may remind yourself as often as you like of the beauty in the world.