Vacation Discombobulation

This week I was really not myself. A bit cranky, disorganized, and downright lazy. What happened? I had a blast on vacation (see photos). Wasn’t it supposed to energize me?

But it took me four days to get back into the swing of things. I’m convinced that in entrepreneur years those four days are actually a full month.

I’m on track now, and feeling so much more focused and clear about my priorities. Want to know what I did?

1. I judged myself. That’s right – beat myself up good.

2. I stopped judging myself. I remembered that I am a smart, hardworking person (and gosh darnit, people like me), and that I was allowed to have a few off days.

3. I identified the basics in my business, and took care of them. No need to pile on more guilt!

4. I picked up some positive reading materials. Even though I didn’t want to.

5. I recognized the opportunity. Before my vacation, I was getting bogged down in details and busy-ness of my business. Feeling unhappy after vacation made me realize I needed to refocus, review my priorities and goals, and recreate my plan for the rest of the year.

So today I am grateful for the discombobulation. I was so uncomfortable that I was forced to upgrade my plans, and recommit to my goals. As entrepreneurs, one of the best habits we can create is to look on our problems as opportunities.

If you’re having a hard time pulling your attitude out of your problems, please consider checking in with me to see how I can help.

Mary Cravets

Founder Mary Cravets started Simply Get Clients because she saw small business owners complicating growing their businesses. Or falling victim to the "build it and they will come" myth. So she developed the simple structure to cut through all the noise of social media, "experts", online funnels, advertising and more to focus on the central problem of business owners: getting more clients. And you know what? There is NOT a one-size-fits-all solution.

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  1. Linda Easton says

    Glad to hear you had such a great time here – we call it paradise. I can totally relate to the discombobulation that vacations create. Both good and bad come from the “time off” and it just takes time to get to a new place. Congrats for finding a new normal!