Digital Marketing: Get Ready for 2018!

Contributed by guest writer, Margaret Brown, SocializeLA

It’s my honor to give you some simple and strategic tips to get your digital marketing in gear for 2018. You’ll also find three ways to connect with me for more info (hint: 2 FREE options, and 1 Premium).

Let’s get started! Here’s what you should consider for your 2018 digital marketing:

What is successful digital marketing- and what ISN’T successful digital marketing?!

Successful Digital Marketing IS about building relationships. It ISN’T incessant selling. It IS a great place to funnel people into your Customer Journey. It ISN’T something that happens overnight. It IS a strategy of content, calls-to-action, and multiple layers.

What does successful digital marketing look like for your business?  

Successful digital marketing looks like your social media, email marketing, blogs, webinars, and/or ads are converting to new clients. Or, your social media, email marketing, blogs, etc. are growing in engagement (LIKES, Number of followers, Shares, sign-ups, etc.). It can also look like website traffic is increasing, consistent content (planned and published strategically), and multiple layers working together: website, landing pages, webinar registration, video, email marketing, blogs, and social media.

What is a Customer Journey, and how do you use it in your business?

A Customer Journey is how you lead your audience to learn more about you and ultimately become a client!  The journey is also known as a funnel. It can look something like this:

  • A social media post with a call-to-action
  • The call-to-action leads to a landing page
  • The landing page is a series of text, images, video, calling people to either sign up for a webinar, purchase a product, or some other option in addition to an instant sign-up or buy.  A call-to-action could be a value carrot of sorts to prompt the viewer to download the freebie and in turn signs up for your email marketing campaign.

The Customer Journey can be simple or intricate. You can start small and grow from there.

When is it time to review your digital marketing strategy, and how do you conduct a self-audit?

To determine when to review and how to self-audit, re-read the section on what success looks like.  Are you seeing this? Do you have a Customer Journey in place? You can also utilize this Free Self-Audit Download inside The Plan the Year Course (FREE) for more information!

What other questions should you consider for your digital marketing?  

Some other questions to consider are:

  • How much time should I spend on my social media?
  • Why isn’t my current plan working?
  • How can I make my current plan work more effectively?
  • Is this relevant to my business/industry?
  • Where should I turn for help?
  • How much should I spend in ads?

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I hope these tips sparked an idea and action for you to improve your digital marketing.  It’s essential to your business in 2018.  Be ready!