Open to Receive: Part 1 – “Thanks, Facebook.”

I’m a human doing, rarely just a human being.

I’m hard-wired to believe that in order for something to happen, I have to make it happen.

This belief gives me a tremendous work ethic, which has served me well.

And… I’m beginning to suspect I miss opportunities because of it.

Because I have blinders on, of a sort. Like, “if I’m not always working and pushing, nothing is going to happen. I have to be vigilant and pushing and head down and nose to the grindstone.”

But this grinds out a measure of creativity. It crowds out wonder and unexpected opportunities.

These days, I keep getting the message over and over, “Mary, just be open to receive.” ?

Oh yes, that’s SO easy for a human doing to just shift to some unknown state because this “open to receive” idea has been uttered.

As I often do when I’m puzzled, I turn to my brain trust on Facebook. Don’t laugh, my friends are amazing and responsive and warm.

Here is the wise, simple and often humorous feedback I received when I reached out to my peers.

(oh wow, as I write this, I just realized this post in itself was an exercise in being open to receive!!)

My Facebook Post:

Question… I hear about being “open to receive” all the time. The question is, how exactly do you do that in your life?

Cindy Whyte-Bradley
Ironically, I just started a 30 day Open to Abundance event ? I look forward to this thread ?I too am quite curious. ?

Gilat Ben-Dor
I think of it as a grateful expectation of what I have asked for/envisioned.

Mary Sue Dahill
I try not to be defensive or stuck on my point of view when receiving feedback, ideas, or coaching. I try to accept the input as a gift to see or do things differently.

For some reason, this does not work when receiving feedback from my sister or husband. ?

Mary Elizabeth Tracy
One of my favorite affirmations is ‘I’m an amazing good luck generator and I’m open to receive!’
But I don’t know what the heck it means! Following!

Susan D Wilkinson
The power of positive words set with intention goes a long way.

Imagine yourself being in the mountains or the oceans or anywhere that brings you Bliss. Your arms wide open sunshining cool breeze and you set an intention like this.

“Dear universe I now open my arms to accept infinite abundance in all areas of my life now.” ❤️ That to me is being open to receive, its like manifesting or doing a vision board. Good luck to being open and to receive all the good in your life. Mary ~take a look back and see how you have been open and have received, I sure see it.?

Vickie Gould
Wow, that’s a big question. When you’re open to receive, you expect to receive it, you know with that knowing that it’s coming and it’s happening. Done deal. What happens is that most of the time we feel unworthy or that we need to do more or be more before we’re “allowed” to have it and then we close up our ability to receive. Even a simple “No, I’m good,” when someone offers to help is closing up your receiving vibe. Receiving is only 1 step out of 6 in the Law of Attraction.

Jane Garee
SO MANY aha moments came from this conversation last night! For me, I’m working on embracing vulnerability and having the courage to be loved in all the ways love comes at me.

Diane Mehagian
For me, it is visualizing what I want as if I already have it, identifying with how that manifestation feels (joy, excitement, love, contentment, gratitude, etc.) and then being in a place of surrender to how it unfolds and trusting all is in divine right order. Surrendering is very important.???

Eric Ashmore
Just reading this thread makes me happy that i am, “closed for service”!?

Mary Jo Bolduc
I think changing practiced patterns of thought is slow and steady work…just like rebuilding any muscle. Try making one small daily promise to yourself toward this idea and following through with it. ❤️

Brice M Kenyon
Love as you would like to be loved, listen to everything everyone, music. Look at the beauty of this world, in every big and little thing there is.
Love from NZ, BK

Carol Hill
When I think ? about I think in terms of my natural ability to try to control every aspect about every outcome. To receive is to be willing at times ( more times than not), to let go of that control and simply ask the universe very specifically for what you need and then sit back and wait to receive it in the universe’s timeframe NOT yours. If you’re a bit of a control freak like me it’s not an easy thing to master. I advance and then fall back all the time but I’m learning slowly ? hope my 2 cents helps bring in another perspective ?

Lani Visconti
The book, The Law of Receiving ❤️ by Raymond Holliwell

Michele Bennyhoff
For me being open is when I create space in my life. I break routine, have nothing planned or scheduled, and be willing to see, hear, and do… only if it feels more right than the inner peace I must leave to receive it.

Add your 2 cents about being open to receive on Facebook here!

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