Don’t Get Hungry

Knife and ForkA while ago, I bought a pair of dress pants in a size larger than the rest of my clothes. Just needed some breathing room around the beltline, if you know what I mean. Two months later, I noticed I had outgrown those pants, along with every other pair I owned. As much as I wanted to think it was a growth spurt, and supermodel height was in my near future, I had to face the fact that it was time to change my eating habits.

So, I began eating right, and being really restrictive with what I ate. A month passed and I was barely seeing any results. And then all of a sudden, it seemed like every day I saw the scale moving in the right direction. I was puzzled – what had changed?

Very quickly I realized I had done just one simple thing – I stopped letting myself get crazy hungry. That’s it.

When I got really hungry, my body felt deprived and panicky and held on to my extra weight to store up against an impending famine. By consistently nourishing myself with foods on my approved eating plan, my body realized it wouldn’t be starved or made to suffer. No need to hold on to the fat stores in case of emergency!

Of course, when I fleshed out (so to speak) this theory, I thought of the business parallels. Think about it…

When you consistently do the things that feed your business, do you stress out? Do you gorge yourself on self-pity? Are you bloated with worry? Do your goals seem to be moving further away from you? Nope.

So how do you keep from feeling like you’re starving in business?

1.    Identify the activities that best nourish your business.
2.    Engage in those “nourishing” activities on a daily basis (consistency is key!).
3.    Write down your goals.
4.    Track your activity and progress.
5.    Evaluate your results, and adjust your activity as needed.

The above will keep you feeling nourished in your business, and will keep those feelings of panic and stress at bay.

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Mary Cravets

Founder Mary Cravets started Simply Get Clients because she saw small business owners complicating growing their businesses. Or falling victim to the "build it and they will come" myth. So she developed the simple structure to cut through all the noise of social media, "experts", online funnels, advertising and more to focus on the central problem of business owners: getting more clients. And you know what? There is NOT a one-size-fits-all solution.

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  1. Marta Adelsman says

    I love the parallels you drew between feeding oneself and feeding one’s business, Mary! It was clever how you compared gorging and bloating with the results of neglecting and starving the business! Very graphic, and made me realize that’s exactly what it feels like — gorging on self-pity and bloated with worry!