Cures for comparison-itis

Comparisonitis: a condition of despairing attitude that arises when comparing yourself to others.

This came recently in my private Facebook group for clients, and the discussion that followed was so valuable, I just had to share it with you! (Imagine this dialogue as a thread on Facebook!)

MSD: Suffering from comparison-it is this week. I have met several awesome women who don’t have a website, marketing, or something else that seems important and just rolling in with business. Ugh.Top of Form

ME: Oh yes, we’ve all had that disorder.

You never know what people are doing, going through, have done in the past to create their success.

You also absolutely positively cannot tell

who is succeeding by what they are saying or what you are seeing. Trust me, I’ve had people who are total rock stars approach me to work with them and it was shocking to me to hear what was REALLY going on.

Bottom line is you’re comparing their outside “success” to how you feel on the inside.

Bless them, release them, and go create a referral partnership!

CRM: Yup…or when their entire business is referral driven and they say they don’t have to market.

JBH: When I get in that mode – I ask myself how does my activity list compare to last week? I try to turn it around to compete with myself!

ME: love this!!!

KM: Good tip!

MSD: Thanks y’all!! Truly appreciate this group.

ME: can I use this for a blog?

MSD: Yes

KM: I can relate! I had a slow late Feb – early March and was definitely suffering from this as well. And then that week, here’s what popped into my LinkedIn feed (I’m connected to the author of the post)

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others – Be Leaderly

DPM: Stay in your lane! Run your own race! XOXO!

PR: Just had a discussion after a luncheon last week wih another attendee..both have worked with or know about one of the largest winery wine clubs in the our area. They refuse to do most digital marketing..took forever for them to finally have a shopping cart on their website..they prefer phone call center..we lamented about all the possible lost opportunity cost from them NOT doing what everyone else is doing..but in spite of that they still manage to have 35K club members and visitors streaming in from open to close! I KNOW they could be doing more..but they do what they do and it works. I wish it was THAT easy…but you just never know. That story seemed to fit this topic!

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