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I Was Over-giving And Under-grateful (ugh)

To be completely transparent, I haven’t been super-positive lately. Yesterday I finally uncovered the internal thought patterns and the external habits that were creating a self-fulfilling prophecy of scarcity.

Coaching Week: Lack confidence? Grow Anyway! (Outside-in Approach)

If you struggle with confidence and are spinning your wheels in your business, try this unconventional approach to getting unstuck! The majority of my clients are coaches, so I know (and embrace!) that coaching facilitates transformation from the inside out, based on the knowledge of the client, not the coach.  A few years ago, however, it occurred to me that...

How You’re (unintentionally) Limiting Your Impact

"I’m a coach because I want to make a positive impact.” I’ve heard this countless times and it always makes me smile. Probably because impact is one of my top core values, too! The sneaky thing I notice is that coaches unintentionally limit their impact in the world. Because while coaches see the difference they make when working directly with...

3 Common Messaging Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Did you know that messaging is the MOST confounding part of marketing for most coaches and consultants? That's because it feels so complicated. There are SO many options. How do you concisely communicate the value of what you do without putting your audience to sleep? So I’m here to simplify things! Here are the top 3 messaging mistakes and how...

3 Mistakes I Made Speaking In-person

I presented in-person recently, and quickly realized that I’d forgotten some of my best practices. Don’t get me wrong, the talk was well-received, but I was aware the entire time that I wasn’t feeling as grounded and present as I have in the past. This video gives three best practices for speaking in-person... ones I’d forgotten about after so many...

Time Management: 1 tip + 1 slight change

If you don't already know I am a nut about time blocking and time management! Here is a quick video of my one “no-matter-what” habit, and one change I made recently that is making a difference in my clarity and focus on a daily basis.

Don’t Pick a Niche (what to do instead to get clients faster)

Recently I shared that I am committing to the niche of Coaches, but for 12 years, I didn’t have a niche and brought my business to multiple 6-figures anyway! So if you’re stressing out because marketing gurus are insisting you niche or perish, take a breath. Let me share when NOT to pick a niche, why this is so important...

I’m Calling Dibs on Coaches

For years I've been hired primarily by coaches and I love it. But I've resisted choosing them as a niche because I LOATHE most of the marketing that targets coaches. I didn't want to be lumped into that icky bucket of hype-sters. On January 5th I realized two things: 1. Worrying about what people will think of me is about...

Two Sleepless Nights Crashed My 2023 Plan

Over the holidays, I made my 2023 plans and they were instantly put to the test after two nights of insomnia. Here's what I'm doing to fix it.  

Why I Burned All My Appreciation Letters.

I have a jar where I keep notes of appreciation from clients, colleagues, and organizations. At the end of 2022, it was so full that I couldn’t fit one more in. I was clinging to them. Hoarding appreciation. With no room to let more in. And while I logically understand that gratitude is infinite and a crammed jar of notes...

Smoking at McDonald’s (a holiday story)

It’s a little beat up, but this is my favorite Christmas tree ornament. I love this for so many reasons. And my reasons have changed over the years. As a child, I loved it because of how fancy I felt in that Winnie-the-Pooh dress. As a teenager… ah, who am I kidding, all I cared about was eyeliner and boys...

16 Reasons to Hire Your Cat (and 1 reason NOT to)

Prefer reels? Go to @simplygetclients to see this on Instagram! 1. They give you a dirty look when you start to waste time scrolling through social media. 2. They will keep your fingers warm. 3. They make your inbox more interesting! 4. They retrieve office supplies. 5. They give you great pics for posting! 6. They keep your laptop warm...