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A Moment to Connect

Here's a quick casual intro to me and how I work. Oh! And I also reveal the answer to the burning question, "Is Mary a dog person or a cat person?"

More Clients, Less Social Media

In the hundreds of presentations I’ve done, the subject of social media ALWAYS comes up. And the #1 comment that people make about it? “I spend way too much time on social media, but I’m not getting any clients from of it.” Tied for the #2 most frequent comment is, “but everyone says you have to do it” and, “I...

Elevate 2023: Evaluate the Numbers for Better Lead Generation

Lead generation… WOW. If you want to get me woohooing all over the place, just give me an hour to talk about maximizing your lead generation efforts. Since I realize not everyone gets jazzed about numbers and lead gen, I’ll keep it simple. Because – love it or hate it – you have to do lead generation. You just don’t...

Elevate 2023: Wellbeing Reset and Recommit

As a part of the elevating process, I reflected on when I was at my best, most optimistic, most creative. For me, it was when I kept sugar intake to a minimum, exercised 4-5 times per week, meditated 10 minutes a day, and had a morning and evening gratitude practice. That’s it. So the elevating move today is to simply...

Elevate 2023: Schedule Your Personal Life FIRST

When I first committed to putting my personal life on my calendar first, I remember the questions that popped into my head: What if something comes up? How do I know when to go on vacation if I don’t know what my clients need? What if I get it wrong? So much of this came from years of working a...

Elevate 2023: Declutter Time!

While trying to focus on elevating my business, my attention keeps getting snagged by visual distractions. Stuff on my desk, on my computer desktop, on my ipad…so, I decided to do some decluttering. When thinking about decluttering, my first instinct is to do EVERYTHING. My closets, my jewelry making supplies, the garage, the closet under the stairs. Hello? Self-sabotage much?...

Elevate 2023: Elevate Your Ideal Clients and Messaging

Elevating your ideal clients and messaging actually means elevating your clarity about both. This clarity sets the foundation needed to attract high-quality clients without a lot of wasted time and effort. In the video below, I walk you through EXACTLY the method I used in my own business to get clearer about my ideal client and messaging so I can...

Elevate 2023: Let Go of the Baggage

I attended a phenomenal business retreat given by Lisa Crilley-Mallis, and I had a single, concrete objective: develop my proactive lead generation plan for 2023. But for a day and a half, I was completely frustrated. The numbers wouldn’t gel. And when I finally did figure them out, they didn’t really align with my goals, as I shared in the...

Goal Setting Reduced Me To Tears

I set my 2023 goals, then excitedly started crunching numbers to figure out my action plan… … then promptly burst into tears. Because no matter how I massaged the numbers, there literally weren’t enough hours in the day to reach my goals. It’s hard to describe how helpless and hopeless I felt. The sheer panic in the pit of my...

Speakers! Tips that will save you time when working with a VA

Imagine working with a Virtual Assistant who: Advocates for youSaves you valuable timeGets you the results you needHelps you book speaking gigs And that means getting you in front of potential clients without you having to do the heavy lifting of sending inquiries, filling out applications and following up. Wouldn’t that be amazing!? I often recommend to the business owners...

Why people with a signature system make more money

Are you looking for a super fast way to get more clients overnight? Then you’ll likely come across easy-fix one-size-fits-all strategies that will leave you exhausted with results that don’t last overtime. Believe me, I’ve been there. And what I’ve discovered is that the best way to create a steady stream of great clients is having a system. A signature...

Two Questions to Change Your Life and Business

I want to give you two questions I use to keep myself centered and stay organized. Ready to level-down your stress and get focused?? Here we go… 1. The Question that Leads to Better Bottom-Line Results There’s a tendency to always be looking for what’s NEXT to do or what ELSE you could add to your plate. The questions, “What should...