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How I almost messed up an in-person presentation

Back in May I did my first in-person speaking gig after 2 years of only doing webinars. As you can guess, it was not all smooth sailing. There were some setbacks with logistics, setting up the projector, minor stuff. But things could've really gone south for me when I was in the very middle of my presentation. As I looked...

 [Guest blog] Use Your Peak Time!

When you own your own business, it’s discouraging to feel like you “aren’t doing it right.” A client recently told me: "Today I didn’t have client calls but I struggled so much the first few hours of the day that really it was just time wasted. If I don’t have calls in the morning, I may as well not go...

5 Speaker Prep Tips for In-Person Events

After two years of virtual events, even very experienced speakers may have forgotten how to navigate speaking at a live event. Including this girl. Having knocked out my first 4 in-person gigs, here are my top 5 tips with details about how to get back in the saddle! Tip #1: Micro-manage in-person events. Tip #2: Deliver full presentation, no matter...

100% Open Rate, Lesson 2 (an email program I love)

If you read Lesson 1, you know the lesson is to get started imperfectly. Lesson 2 is about getting started simply. And one of the biggest barriers to simplicity these days is technology. Let’s go back to my client who had just 1 person on her list. Once she made the decision to start sending emails, the next hurdle was:...

100% Open Rate, Lesson 1

My client got a 100% open rate the very first time she sent an email to her list. WOW. How did she do that? Well… she only had 1 person on her list. So - surprise! The open rate isn’t the lesson. The lesson came in an earlier conversation after she said to me, “I’ll start keeping in touch with...

Lesson from a Pile of Rocks

It's surprising what a pile of rocks can teach you. I was dusting my office the other day and discovered several bags of beach rocks I’d collected, but hadn't yet incorporated into a display I have in my office. The display is for my favorite rocks. (don’t laugh at me - I LOVE collecting rocks) As I added to my...

3 Unusual Perspectives on Priorities and Time

Am I the only one having trouble fitting it all in?  I committed to working less, I set my goals, I prioritized, and STILL I have to keep a vigilant eye on my time management.  I figure I’m not alone, so here are three resources for you. The first two are TED talks that shake up your assumptions about procrastination and creativity....

14 Words from Mom: My Key to Success in 2022

I’ve been feeling burned out, and was considering taking December completely off to get my energy back.  But it occurred to me that I’m already good at taking time completely off. And I’ve got mad skills for (over)working at a breakneck speed.  What I’m NOT good at is a consistent, moderate pace.  So instead of taking the month off, I decided to take December to start building much-needed moderation habits.  When I shared my thought process with my mom, she responded, “Live your life in a...

Coloring with all the Crayons

Guest Post from Rachel Young Nielsen There is a reason there are 8 colors in the beginner box of crayons.  When you are learning to color, 8 is enough of a variety to make pictures distinct without overwhelming the artist with choices. And then all of a sudden we understand there are more colors out there. There are more options...

Months of Prep ZAPPED in Seconds

Guest Post from Joane Quitay, our in-house Systems Guru. My client, Mary, just had probably the biggest tech snafu during a live launch this week, something totally beyond her control. We spent months preparing for this virtual event - even making last minute changes to improve her funnel - and by the universe’s idea of fun there was a power outage where Mary (the host) is...

Open to Receive, Part 3: The 8th Lesson, Maitri

To quote Brené Brown, I had fully armored up my heart. It took 5 years to build this armor. Five years of a viciously divisive political environment followed by a health crisis of proportions we never could have imagined. Five years of emotional, psychological and physical stress, while fighting to maintain the focus required for my business. It came on...

Open to Receive: Part 2 – Inigo Montoya & Smokey

I went from giddy to distraught almost overnight. We’d adopted a cat, Smokey, and it wasn’t quite working out. Lesson 1: Be careful about “almost what I want”. Smokey was almost the cat I wanted, and I felt awful about it. I was distraught for a week. Judging myself for being too picky, too needy. Whining that Smokey bonded with...