Virtual Assistants: When to hire?

Believe it or not – just before you think you can afford it!

Generally this is when you have new business coming in on a consistent basis, but haven’t quite maxed out your time yet. If you don’t start delegating at this point, a vicious cycle begins.

Here’s what happens: you’ll get really busy and you start to worry that if you get any busier, and subconsciously you worry that the quality of your work is going to suffer. So you become slower to respond to prospects, and back off your marketing a little. The result is that you create a comfortable stasis where you’re busy all the time, but not growing.

If you’re nodding and relating to this right now – it is definitely time to get a Virtual Assistant!

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Mary Cravets

Founder Mary Cravets started Simply Get Clients because she saw small business owners complicating growing their businesses. Or falling victim to the "build it and they will come" myth. So she developed the simple structure to cut through all the noise of social media, "experts", online funnels, advertising and more to focus on the central problem of business owners: getting more clients. And you know what? There is NOT a one-size-fits-all solution.