What is a Virtual Assistant? Some kind of software?

Believe it or not, I was asked this question recently. Twice in 24 hours, as a matter of fact.

Virtual Assistants are on the verge of becoming mainstream, but we seem to have a little way to go before everyone is clear on the concept of Virtual Assistants.

Wikipedia defines a Virtual Assistant as “an entrepreneur who provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients from a home office”.

Another site offers the definition: “A temporary worker hired as needed who performs tasks remotely”.

My definition: “A Virtual Assistant is an assistant who is hired to do administrative tasks you know you should do (but often avoid) to maintain and/or grow your business. Because a Virtual Assistant is not enmeshed in the stress and drama of your business, they complete these tasks 2 to 10 times faster than you can. VA’s work off-site, so they are neither in the way, nor do they become an excuse for distracting & unproductive chit-chat.”

You did notice that “brevity” was not in the description, right?

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Mary Cravets

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