Where oh where has my energy gone?

Article contributed by Laura Prevost, Certified Holistic Health and Life Coach.

Oh where oh where can it be? (*sung to the tune of where has my little dog gone*)

So you may be wondering, where is all of my energy? Where can it be? And, gosh darn it, how do I get it back?

Did you know that unhealthy stress & energy co-exist? Without one, you have the other. Yowzas! Which would you rather have? Unhealthy Stress? Or glorious, fabulous, mood boosting ENERGY? It’s YOUR choice!

You want ideas? Keep reading for ways you can leave your unhealthy stress behind & energize yourSELF. Yup, you’ve probably heard them before. Maybe there are some new ones but what it comes down to is this: you need to actually implement the different techniques in order to FEEL gloriously & fabulously ENERGIZED. So, after you’re done reading this I want you to pick TWO (yes TWO) that you’re going to implement immediately. TODAY. Change happens when YOU CHOOSE to make it happen.

Okay, enough of that. Here we go!

Let go of anything & EVERYTHING that no longer serves YOU.

Let go of physical stuff that no longer serves you. Let go of people (aka “FuN suckers”) who no longer serve you. Let go of guilt, shame, anger, bitterness….let go of anything & EVERYTHING. When you let go you’ll notice how FREE you feel. You’ll feel lighter. You’ll feel open to receiving ENERGY & FABULOSITY.

Do something that MOVES you.

Go for a walk. Shake your booty. Take a workout class. Go for a bike ride. It needs to be at least 10 minutes long. This movement helps your body re-energize. Feel like you don’t have enough energy for movement? Go for a walk. ANYONE can walk for 10 minutes no matter what the energy level.


Stress is oftentimes existent because a person is feeling overwhelmed with a to-do list that never seems to end. It’s SO imperative that you prioritize. Look at your list & see what NEEDS to get done versus what you WANT to get done. AND – this is significant so listen up – ONLY put 10 things on your to-do list daily (this includes picking the kids up at school, vacuuming, taping your marketing video, etc.). You’ll be surprised at how quickly you learn to prioritize.

Take a break.

This doesn’t have to be incredibly long but it’s important to give yourself a break every single hour. It can be a minute where you get up and shake your booty. Jump around. Do a couple of sprints. Do a fast walk around your house or office building. Here’s the rule for this one: you must leave your computer & phone behind for your break.

Freak out.

Are you ready for some Freak out FuN? With this one you get to let it ALL out. Yup, I’m talkin’ ‘bout a Five Minute Freak Out. Oh yeah. You get to embrace ALL of your emotions – scream, shout, run around like a crazy person. I’d recommend doing this one with no one in the vicinity so that you can feel FREE to let it all out.

Eat energizing FOOD.

Sounds simple right? Try a green smoothie. This not only helps you up your leafy green intake BUT it also zests you up with yummilicious fruits. AND, you can add in some “extras” that will rock your world, like chia seeds & maca. Listen to your body – it KNOWS what it needs & wants to feel energized.

Get enough zzzzzzz.

Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard this one a million times…maybe even a gazillion times. BUT, have you ever noticed that when you’re overtired, everything seems, well, like overwhelming to the nth degree? Yup, that’s what I thought. When you get enough sleep you can DO & BE everything you need to DO & BE. Not only that – your mind is clear & focused to you can be efficient & effective with your 10 item to-do list.

Drink water.

It’s simple. It’s free. It’s yummy. Many times energy levels drop because of dehydration. There are many levels of dehydration & if you’re not aware you may not even know you’re lacking in the water department. Again, LISTEN to your body. Drink water – it’s a quick solution to ENERGIZE yourSELF.

Go play. Outside.

Get outside. Reconnect with nature. Realize that nature still trumps anything that is stressing you out. Playing can count as anything. Play in your garden. Skip. Play hopscotch. Hike. Walk. Just make sure you go OUTSIDE without your phone or computer or any other electronic gadget.


It can be exhausting trying to be anyone other than your own self. Why would you want to anyways? Did you know that you’re the ONLY one who can be your BEST you? When you’re true to you & you embrace yourSELF you will feel ENERGIZED! A little aside on this one – when you’re trying to be someone you’re not – it can also be SUPER stressful because you’re always on “guard” to make sure you present the “correct” persona. Let go & BE yourSELF!

Which TWO have you picked for your first steps to lessen your unhealthy stress & up your ENERGY? Once those two are implemented as habit (this can take from 21 to over 200 days so only YOU know when this happens) add two more. You CAN be your BEST energized self!

Laura Prevost is a Certified Holistic Health & Life Coach with a BA in Human Behavior. Laura combines her past with her present to live a life of fabulosity & passion.
Laura works with women who are READY to discover their glorious happiness & health. She has the tools, desire & compassion to bring to light a life of fabulosity for anyone brave enough to embrace her best self. Laura is the owner of Head Over Heels In Health in Flagstaff, AZ where her zest for life bubbles over into her joy of the outdoors, family, friends & play.
You can begin your life of fabulosity TODAY by going to www.HeadOverHeelsInHealth.com & signing up to receive your FREE 7 Day Life In Balance Boot Camp.

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