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Contributed by guest blogger, Candy Sugarman of PlayBig Online Marketing.

One of the best things about Social Media is how easy it is for people to share information about causes and events that are important with others.

One of the worst things about Social Media is how easy it is for people to respond to shared information about causes and events.

Why is that bad? Many times people will blast out their beliefs and opinions as if they were fact, belittling others, calling names, and generally doing things they probably wouldn’t if they were in a room full of potential clients.

Here is the thing, when you post on any Social network you are letting your prospects and even potential partners see how you conduct yourself. I’m not suggesting that you stand for nothing and never voice an opinion. What am suggesting are a few rules of conduct.

What Are Your Beliefs Worth?

When I do Social Media training, I always ask this question. I generally give this example.

“I am a big conservationist, environmentalist, animal lover, tree hugger, or granola eater – whatever you want to label me. On my Social Media Networks, I will repost, comment and generally share my beliefs about these things. If a potential client sees these things and thinks ‘I don’t want to work with someone like that!’ I’m good with that. I’m okay to lose that person as a potential client. My beliefs in these areas are very important to me.”

Do I have other beliefs that I feel strongly about? Do I see posts that I want to add my two-cents to? Absolutely. But I stop and ask myself, “Is it worth losing customers over?” Then I act or don’t act accordingly.

If you need to express your opinions and beliefs, consider some of Candy’s Rules of Behavior Online:

  1. Be polite, no name calling and no writing that someone’s beliefs are wrong
  2. Better to be for something than against something
  3. Read what you wrote, read it again, read it again. Would your mother (or kids or religious leader, etc) feel that you were being rude?

With the upcoming political season remember — before you post something, before you like something, and before you comment on something, ask yourself if you are you willing to lose customers over it. If the answer is yes, go ahead and take action.

Candy Sugarman is a Social Media guru who always shows her clients stay ahead of the curve with their Social Media strategy and knowledge. To view her original article, click here.

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