Jane Garee: You’re Not Wrong, You’re Recalculating

I’ve always had a terrible sense of direction.  How about you? I frequently joke that it’s a miracle that I get home every night.

One of the best inventions, in my opinion, is the mighty GPS.  Oh, how I love my GPS!  No more sweaty palms gripping the steering wheel while I silently seethe.  No more tearing up with extreme frustration because I have no idea how to get where I want to go.  My friend who lives inside the GPS simply tells me very clearly what I need to do, when I need to turn and how much time I have before I need to take any action.  It’s brilliant, I love it and it’s made driving a totally different experience for me.  No more panic on the road, I’m feeling empowered!  Oh, if only we had these kind of clear cut directions on how to live life!


But the best feature about the GPS is when it recalculates.  I love this little gem when I get lost for two reasons. First of all, I no longer freak out or get frustrated when I lose my way or take a wrong turn.  GPS quickly comes to my rescue, suggesting another way to get to the same destination.  The second thing I love about this, is that it gently tells me to recalculate.  No judgment.  No scornful, sarcastic voice comes on and asks, “What were you thinking?”  “How could you not see that sign?”  “What are you going to do now that you’ve screwed up, you big loser?”

I love that about GPS.  I wish the voice inside my own head were that kind.  Can you relate?

Because the thing is, on the journey of life or business or whatever, you will get on the wrong road.  You will take a wrong turn, miss signs and find yourself in a place you don’t want to be.  You’ll need or want a do-over.  Now, in your own mind, you may be beating yourself up for getting off track, asking yourself how you could do something so dumb, etc, etc.  Not GPS!  It will just kindly and gently “recalculate” and a few minutes later, BAM.  There’s a new route to take, no harm done and life isn’t ruined.  No drama, no worries, no missed opportunities.  Recalculate and all will be well!  Don’t judge yourself, you’ll still get to your destination.  Simply recalculate.

So what if, when you look back over the course of your life, or you assess the last few months or years or you examine your sales conversations, instead of creating a lot of unnecessary stress and condemnation about how you missed your chance or messed things up, you smile and say, “RECALCULATING!”  That’s all it is.  A simple recalculation.  And as you may have already discovered, sometimes that new and unintended route takes you on a more interesting journey, while still ensuring you arrive at your intended location.  That’s what the GPS has figured out – you’re not wrong, you’re just recalculating.  You’re on the right road and always will be.  Where does the road take you?

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