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A second look at Mary Cravets’ blog, Get out of the “Too Busy to Grow” Mode

This year has been my biggest growth year yet!  I feel more “me” than I have in a long time.  I take time to journal in an honest, free-flowing way, I’ve become more in love with life, and I’m humbly inspired with the growth I have achieved as a person.  I have a voice I hear clearly because of the time I take putting my thoughts on paper (and out of my head). Without the constant flow of random thoughts popping or flowing through my head, I really hear what my husband is saying. This has brought us closer.  And if I do have thoughts jumping out, I take a moment to write them down.  Throughout the day, I jot down a ton of questions.  Some of these questions I answer and some of them just sit on that paper, until I go back to read my journal periodically.

You would never think that I use to hate to journal, but I refused to do it since I had a sibling use it against me when we would fight as children.  Yes, now it seems silly, but it was traumatic for me growing up.  Clearly I’ve moved on.

Tantrum LogoI have never thought I was “too busy to grow.”  I prided myself on being open to learn new things.  Until this year, I was building my business by working in my office, networking and going around to eight Bloomingdale’s stores building my brand and selling my bags.  I had always wanted to build my online presence, but how can you do that when you aren’t sitting still for very long?  That is, until this past year, where I was forced to sit still.  I noticed my body was doing all this weird stuff.  I had pain all over my body and I could barely walk, even though I’ve run marathons and ran daily for 20+ years.  For over a year I had no idea what was going on, and neither did my regular doctors.  I had always been unusually healthy and strong for my small frame.  I kept saying, “I’m never sick and there is no family history of any illnesses…something else is going on.”  Long story short, I realized I was having a toxic reaction to an over-the-counter topical medicine I had used for a while. I stopped taking it, and began treatment at a naturopath medical school where they healed me, naturally, and I am now almost back to my normal self, and will be there soon!

I’m choosing to look at this temporary “sit still” as a blessing.  Because of it, I shifted for the better, going from an unstoppable train to now someone who goes after life with more focus and clarity. I started journaling, deepening my relationships with my family, and building my online presence for my company.  Developing my online presence is making me happy because I’m reaching people I couldn’t have before—and people are buying who hadn’t bought before!  This is truly a result of writing down what is important to me and then intentionally going in the direction I planned out.  I feel free, free to live the life I want to have.  I am more self-assured in believing in my own path because I can now see consistent patterns since they are written down.

Living a life out of intentional behavior and choices leads to being a master in your own space.  To be intentional, you have to make scheduled moments each day to listen and write down what you are thinking and questioning about in life.  This leads you to feel free, free to choose what you want next in life, allowing you to easily let go of good or bad habits that are no longer serving you.  Even old tried-and-true good behaviors that used to work, if they are making you feel like you are spinning in one place, then it’s time for new intentional habits that will take you to your next level.

Another intentional choice is to pick new statements or words to define the desired future outcome as if it’s happening now.  Coming up with a new word or phrase to define how you want your life to look like right now instead.  Saying, “I’m busy” is something e…v…e…r…y…o…n…e is saying out of a habit.  Creating statements of what you want your truths to be will lead to them happening, “work for me right now is flowing,” “my life right now is exhilarating,” “I love my life right now,” “I’m feeling really blessed,” or “currently my work is very cogent (clear and logical).”

Is there another way to do things and still be uber successful?  Absolutely, there are thousands upon thousands of different ways to be extremely successful. I know this because I used to think if I learned how others became successful in their fields that I could use it as a road map to become successful.  Therefore I did a ton of research on how people have become successful and none of them became successful in the same way, but in their own unique way.  Ultimately realizing that we each have our own signature style of being successful. The key is to dream it, believe it and then you make it possible for you to receive it. Writing about your thoughts leads to you knowing what is the right path for you.  It clears your mind and magically shows you a clear path.

Being present each day can sometimes be challenging, yet research shows that when people are mindful, they tend to enjoy their day more, tend to be more grateful and thus attract more miracles and magical moments each day.  That’s why opportunities often come all at once.  These people are living in the moment, intentionally making choices and statements about how wonderful their life is. Start today filling your thoughts and actions with intentional ones so you can end the cycle of “to busy to grow” mode and reach the next level you’re aiming to hit.

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Share what you are going to do consistently different today to reach your next level?

Your champion,

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